Would They Be Called Enemies Of The State?


Why would concern Deputy Commissioner of Arunachal Pradesh not issue birth certificates to the newborns of the Chakma and Hajong communities? The singly plausible reason could be that it is an attempt at depriving the newborns of their primary birthright – a birth certificate on being born in Indian soil; the principal document on which the future pillars of the great  nation of India will literally base his/her life on.  To say the least, the implications are too harsh and hard to swallow; the worst part is – it is a fact. Now, the logical question that arises is: Somebody and those who are at the receiving end of this unnatural riddle are the only geniuses who have been able to comprehend it and the concerned authorities are retards? Actually, it could be the other way round; the point is – it is easy to see even for them “What their future as well as the nation’s as one whole hold, with newborns having no birth certificates?”

                            A Birth Certificate which was issued by the GoAP to the Chakmas in 1984

On the other hand, this kind of outright violation of an individual’s rights definitely borders on lunacy. In simple words, only monsters with a lynch-mob mentality could be imagined to gain something out of such an ill-advised guiding principle. It is simply hard to not want to ask the concerned authorities – what do you hope to accomplish by not issuing birth certificates? Don’t you know that by doing so, you have redefined “dereliction of duty”? And an ounce of basic advice for the concerned authorities: Rethink where you are headed.

Apparently, the practice of non-issuance of birth certificates to newborns is not an aberration but some kind of an ill-advised ploy of ill-informed the powers that be; the Chakma and Hajong communities have long been victimised as a result of this. Many a child having finished middle school has already been feeling the heat; the reason being he/she does not have a birth certificate and the higher secondary schools where these children go to seek admission demand that they furnish birth certificates. Eventually, these children are being forced to drop out at a time when India as one whole is dreaming to achieve hundred per cent literacy by way of making free and compulsory education available to all children of the nation; and at a time when the world has already recognised India as an emerging super power, and we all know that quality education is the foundation based on which we as a nation can really realise this very goal.

It makes one wonder if they realise how the guiding principal of the concerned authorities to not issue birth certificates to the newborns of the Chakma and Hajong communities is a detriment to not only the interests of Arunachal Pradesh but also the interests of the great nation of India as one whole.

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