Whistle blower Student beaten up by students at Diyun School

Image for representation purpose only and not the actual image30th November, 2017 Diyun: A student of Diyun Secondary School was reportedly thrashed by a group of students of around 6 boys on last Tuesday at Govt. Secondary School Diyun.

The boy was thrashed as he reported and open the lid and dared to intimate the school administration about some students who allegedly were sniffing dendrite in the school premises regularly as witnessed by him.

When the incident was brought to the light of the local public leaders, some public leaders of Diyun went to the School yesterday to provide counseling to the students who later apologized and promised to not to repeat the mistake.

The bazar secretary was also strictly directed to check the sale of dendrite at Diyun Bazar to students and suspicious people to bring to an end to the practice of sniffing dendrite amongst students.

Dendrite sniffing is a dangerous trend which need attention of the civil societies. As we all know that dendrite is a good popular adhesive and easily available in the local market. It contains a substance called toluene. Toluene is a sweet smelling and intoxicating hydrocarbon which is called neurotoxin. When these intoxicants are smeared on a piece of cloth and inhaled, the user feel euphoric (high and experience a sense of invincibility). But they dissolve the membrane of the brain cell and causes hallucinations.

Many chronic health problems are occurred and users can die early and unnatural death due to dendrite addiction. So we need to take care of our children so that they can't reach dendrite. And if you use dendrite at home for various purpose then keep it out of reach from children. If someone addicted to dendrite it is very difficult to leave this habit.

Finally, Hats off to the Whistle Blower Student!


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