Where Is The Religiousness Of Religions Today?



Every religion preaches for the welfare of humanity. Buddhism teaches about love and compassion towards every living being, Christianity teaches about love and brotherhood, Hinduism teaches about compassion and treating everyone with respect and as per Quran of Islam, it says, “you are the best people raised for the good of mankind; you enjoin good and forbid evil and believe in Allah”.

So, every religion has a common philosophical objective-“Welfare towards Humanity”.  Now, it reminds me that every one of us has perhaps attended series of sermons, religious discourses, congregations in temples, Churches or Masjid or at our own homes. And every time our religious teachers taught us about the welfare of humankind and many other humanistic philosophies and lessons.  Did we really care those lessons? Do we follow those philosophies we are expected to follow?

If it is a big yes, then why do we see hatred, jealousy, and discrimination floating around us in the name of religion, race or tribes or superiority?

I believe if we contemplate deeply, we may find the root of all these ill elements prevalently existing outside us that influence our thought process, folding us to blindness and slowly leading us to darkness. And to free ourselves from those ill-influences, let’s ask one question from ourselves as, “Do we have the religiousness of the religions that we’re proud of religiously introducing ourselves to others?” I believe it helps in winnowing the grain of humanity from the chaff of ill-elements or influences.

Humanity teaches us to care, love and respect one another. It also makes people altruistic. Let’s move into a scenario and analyze ourselves if we are brave enough to follow altruism.

Think you are walking hurriedly to your office carrying your expensive laptop and you came across a pond in which a boy was drowned. He was crying and shouting for help. And you have no time, even a single second to waste if you were to save his life. Will you jump with your laptop to the pond to save him without caring your laptop or office works?

I believe you would surely jump if you think you live for others, and you care about the welfare of your biggest community-humans. Just imagine how the protagonist becomes the hero in every movie you watch. Every actor playing the part of protagonist displays his altruistic qualities, which means he lives for others, not for himself. So, he fights out the challenges, bravely goes through the worse situation in extending help to those who need. And in the end, he becomes victorious and wins hearts of everyone through his selfless living and selfless attributes. So, he gets the absolute happiness!

Therefore, as long as we live, we must strive hard to live for others. Let’s do good deeds for our family members, for our beloved, for our community, for our state, and for our nation.

Many selfish people become reluctant and question the extending help to others. They do not find it beneficial rather believe a loss of specific share of their wealth. But I would say the pleasure that we seek in the materialistic world is just an illusion. The more we run after pleasure sought into materialism, the more we get disappointed and create disharmony, jealousy, discrimination, fear, and unhappiness.

Around fifteen years back, we didn’t have mobiles. Did we have tough times then? I guess not at all. In quest of comfort and pleasure, we purchased and had “black and white mobile”. It was portable and simple one. We were happy only the day we bought it. But that happiness diminished from the day we saw Android Smartphone in the market, right? Yeah, now even Android phone could not keep us happy as our happiness was snatched away by iPhone!

APCSU encouraging two sisters to study well as their mom passed away, their father married to another and they had to depend on selling vegetables in the market.

But imagine, you helped a poor student no matter how small you earn. And he is established now. Aren’t you satisfied and happy considering you did a great thing, worth-appreciating? This happiness will be with you as long as you stay in this world.

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