We are with you Physically, Mentally and from all sides: CC Singpho to the Chakmas


DIYUN NOV 2: Arunachal Pradesh ex-minister CC Singpho today while advising the Chakma students to raise their voices against underdevelopment in their area said that they (the Singphos community) is with the Chakmas physically, mentally and from all sides. He was speaking as the Chief Guest at the celebration program of the Foundation Day of Arunachal Pradesh Chakma Students’ Union (APCSU) in Diyun today. He said students’ Unions in Assam are given much more importance by the people and the government because they fight and protest rightfully. However, in Arunachal Pradesh no one care as most of the Students’ Unions run behind money. He has advised the Chakma students that they should protest rightfully because it is their rights to raise voices.

He said that the Chakma area (Diyun Circle) is reeling under lack development. Blaming apathy to lack of development, the Ex Minister said that only the developmental activities he has done during his tenure exist, nothing new has been added so far. “There is a hospital but there is no homeopathic doctor, and the school has become higher secondary but there is no principal”, he pointed out.

“The time to quarrel is gone, we will have to live together (Singphos and Chakmas) peacefully now, we are there to help you for whatever assistance that you require”, he said.

APCSU has turned 25 years today. To commemorate the day the Chakma Students Union has organised the celebration in Jyotsnapur village of Diyun Circle. Plethora of cultural performances were performed by students. The Union also has conducted wide range of events, such as debate and quiz co

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