Two Chakma women leaders abducted in Rangamati

Doyasona Chakma and Monty Chakma: Facebook

RANGAMATI, MARCH 18: A group of unidentified gunmen abducted Monty Chakma, General secretary of Hill Women’s Federation and Doyasona Chakma, Central member of the same federation from Kutukchuri in Rangamati district this morning. According to the sources both the women were being targeted by security forces since long.

The attackers also burnt down the house of Democratic Youth Forum leader Dharma Sing Chakma after firing gunshots targeting the house that left Dharma Singh Chakma injured.

The organizer of United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF), Sachal Chakma called a press conference and briefed the whole incident. Sachal Chakma demanded the culprits should be punished.

The UPDF-backed organisations continued blockade on Khagrachari-Rangamati road immediate after the attack and abduction.

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