SP warns Eviction to Chakma families

DIYUN, JULY 22:  Pursuant to the land allotment order No. LM-128/2011/37015 by the Director of Land Management, Superintendent of Police, Changlang, Vijay Kumar visited the site near Dangaria Baba where a land measuring 5.0 Hectares is being allotted for establishment of 186BN CRPF Company Headquarter. Some Chakma families are already occupying the said land for years and surviving with their families and kins.

The SP asked the families to vacate and allow construction works in the land and warned of lawful action against the violators, it was also conveyed to the villagers that they will be notified with eviction notice very soon as a procedure. The helpless villagers pleaded for mercy citing their landlessness due to flood and erosion some years ago, the plea fall into the deaf ears.

The villagers explained him that they are settled here in accordance to the stay order from the honorable Guwahati High Court and it is impossible for them to vacate the land as they have no option to go anywhere. The leaders of APCSU and CCRDC also spoke to the visiting SP on behalf of the villagers and logically pointed that the matter is subjudice in Guwahati High Court under various writs and contempt.

The villagers claim that the Director of Land Management has overlooked the stay orders of Honorable Guwahati High Court and allotted the land for the construction of CRPF camp. They also claim that the state Government cannot evict or eject them even though they might be encroachers till any regulation or Rule is framed and published in the Arunachal Gazette.

The said area falls within the boundary of Diyun Reserve Forest located between Jyotsnapur village and Sompoi and its being claimed by the Chakma families that they are the landless people who were settled in the said area since 1966. There had been numerous attempts to evict them forcibly in the year 1980, 89, 91 and 94. Being aggrieved by the eviction processes, they filed different writ petitions before the Guwahati High Court from 2004 till today for relief. The honorable Guwahati High Court ordered the state Government not to evict or eject them even though they might be encroachers till any regulation or Rule is framed and published in the Arunachal Gazette in its various judgments and orders.

The affected people also appealed the honorable Guwahati High Court to issue a Writ of Mandamus directing the state Government to not to evict them in violation of judgment and orders on various occasions.

The villagers informed the staff reporter of ACN that they can’t afford to vacate their land as they have nowhere to go. An aggrieved Chakma lady cried at the top of her voice saying that “mareyphele lo yo,jeynawparibong” (can’t vacate even if killed), that says all about the height of their helplessness.

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