Shanti Jivan Chakma to be sworn in as Chakma Council's Chief tomorrow


AIZWAL, MAY 04 (PTI): Shanti Jiban would be sworn-in as member (CEM) of the Autonomous District Council (CADC) in tomorrow, official sources today said.

The CEM is the of the 20-member CADC, formed under the sixth schedule of the Constitution in 1972.

Shanti Jiban will be sworn-in by Deputy Commissioner of southernmost Mizoram's district. N Chakhai, the sources said.

Governor Lt Gen yesterday invited the (ULP) to form thecommittee that will rule the CADC, an autonomous council for ethnic Chakma people living in South-Western bordering and 

Traditional rivals the BJP and the floated the ULP after the April 20 election to the had thrown a fractured mandate. While the Mizo (MNF) bagged 8 seats, the won 6 and the BJP 5. Election to one seat was stayed by the 

All the 19 elected members of the would also take oath on Friday, the last date fixed by the State Election Commission for taking oaths by the newly-elected members, the sources said.

of the had said on April 25 that a post-poll alliance, the ULP, was forged after the two parties' local leaders reached an agreement, and this would not have any bearing in or in the coming Assembly election in the north eastern state.

BJP sources had, at that time, said the party may take action against its elected members for forging the alliance with the Congress.

Later, the leadership agreed to the tie-up after the six Congress members decided to join the ULP as individual members leaving their party identity behind.

The MNF had also been optimistic of forming a coalition with the BJP, but rejected the BJP's demand of electing its to occupy the top post of the CADC.

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