Scam Alert at Diyun: Fraud Phone calls from Bank cons SBI Consumers

Diyun, Dec 5: Numerous complaints of fraud Phone calls and siphoning money from bank accounts of consumers have become rampant at Diyun. The stories of losing hard earned money and being conned by the fraud calls from bank saw a tremendous surge from the recent past.

People who get conned testify of a call received from a phone number who identifies himself as Sonowal or Vishal of SBI Diyun who actually are employees of SBI, Diyun and are known to all and are asked to verify their debit card numbers to resolve a supposed problem with the account. Later the consumer is asked to verify the expiration and the CVV numbers (on the flip side of the card) along with the exact spelling of the name on the card.

Then, immediately the consumer would get an alert on the phone that some amount has been deducted for making some purchase in a Point of Sale (POS). When the number from where the called is received is dialed back, the number is found disconnected or not reachable.

The sad part is most victims are people who are poor and barely makes their end meet and got into banking system recently. Sometimes, the amount is a few thousands, which might be meager for the bank to notice but could mean a lot for an individual. The feeling of being cheated makes them question the merits of banking system and digital India.

There is an urgent need to spread awareness against such scams and spam calls and at the same time financial literacy and digital literacy programme should be organized in Chakma areas. Arunachal Chakma News (ACN) fervently requests Chakma Community Based Organizations to spread awareness on these issues.

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