SC throws the ball in AP government’s court. Silence, Despair and Confusion grips Chakmas

DIYUN, DEC 22: The SC passed on 11/07/2017 in IA No.4/2017 in WP(C) No.510/2007 directed the Chief Secretary of Arunachal Pradesh to finalized all the pending cases related to conferment of Citizenship to the Chakmas within five months and also order the Chief Secretary of Arunachal Pradesh to remain present in person in the court on every date of listing of the matter.

The above order of SC brought much joy and hope amongst the Chakmas of Arunachal Pradesh. The tired eyes of old Chakma migrants from erstwhile East Pakistan to NEFA suddenly started shimmering with lights in the hope and excitement that their citizenship applications will be accepted and much awaited citizenship of this great country will be conferred to them.

People were all eyes and ears for hearing of the case in SC after five months on12/12/2017. The expectations were high because of the strong direction given by SC in favor of the Chakmas to AP government on 11/07/2017.

Unexpectedly, on 12/12/2017, the SC throws the ball back in the court of AP government and directed the Member Secretary, Arunachal Pradesh Legal Services Authority to examine the controversy between parties arising out of implementation of the court order. It further says that Member Secretary, Arunachal Pradesh Legal Services Authority will consider the stand of the government as well as the stand of the petitioner (CCRCHAP) and he will give appropriate directions in the matter and complete the proceedings within 45 days.

The above order of 12/12/2017 of SC completely ignores its previous order of 11/07/2017 and adversely gives more time and authority to the state government which itself is a respondent in the case.

Can Chakmas really hope for favors from the Member Secretary, Arunachal Pradesh Legal Services Authority who himself is appointed by the Arunachal Pradesh government?

This unexpected order of SC on 12/12/2017 has again brought back despair and confusion amongst Chakmas. There is silence on the part of CCRCHAP on the SC order of 12/12/2017.

The unexpected U-Turn of SC and the silence of the CCRCHAP and the sudden advantage provided to the state government raise many questions and doubts in the minds.

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