Road connectivity Boost to Diyun

Sunday, 26 Nov. Diyun:- Survey work to widen the Diyun-Maio road is underway and is being carried out by SM Construction, Orrisa and is expected to submit its report by December 2017. The construction work to be started by NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) from February '2017.

The existing road would be widened to seven meters from Diyun forest Tinali to Miao including a bridge to be constructed over Noa-Dihing at Miao.

It will give a major boost to road connectivity in the Chakma belt (Diyun) of Arunachal Pradesh. At the same time the road has immense strategic importance for Govt. of India. It will also boost tourism in the region with its diverse flora and fauna. Namdapha National Park is already a hot tourism destination.

This road connectivity is long overdue and it definitely will serve the Modi's look east policy as it will connect other major towns like Mioa, Bijoynagar, Jairampur and Namphong of frontier state and to Burma.

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