Non-Tribals demand PRC, Intense protest erupts against Chowna Mein

13th December, Mahadevpur: United People Movement of Lekang imposed a 12 hours bandh call yesterday demanding issuance of Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC) from the state government.

Thousands of people from Deori, Missing, Adivasi, Moran and Ahom tribes of Lekang Constituency in Namsai District took to the street under the banner of United Peoples Movement of Lekang (UPMOL) reiterating their demand for granting Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC). These tribes are residing in the area since decades.

Vehicular movement, shops and office establishment remained shut for 12 hours and people actively participated in the peaceful protest rally from Dirak Gate to Mahadevpur chanting slogan against Deputy Chief Minister, Chowna Mein. In some places, people also burnt the effigy of Chowna Mein in protest.

“Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein who won elections after elections with the promise to issue PRC to Non-APST tribes but he is yet to fulfill his election promises” stated by a member of the Union.

‘If the he fails to respond, UPMOL may launch its own democratic movement in days to come and people will give him a befitting reply in next assembly election due in 2019,’ he said.

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