No Chakma and Hajong has Passion to Lead Rightless Life in Arunachal, Say Chakma Intellectuals


Vivek Chakma

DIYUN, JUN 18: Intellectual section of Chakma in Arunachal express disappointment over the unacceptable points raised by AAPSU’s President, Hawa Bagang during the meeting held at circuit house on 17th June, 2018. The intellectual chakmas who are widely spread in all over the country, India have been reacting after coming to know the points and stands took by the Student’s president.

This section of intellectual chakmas are of the opinion that they will continue to raise their voice and fight tooth and nail for justice to prevail. As per them, the Hawa Bagang should realize AAPSU has been responsible for keeping and pushing entire chakmas and Hajong of Arunachal into the black hole of no return by playing role against any kind of facilities and justice and right delivery to Arunachalese Chakma and Hajong.

The intellectual people of chakma community have urged AAPSU leaders to realistically see the issue from different angles. Talking about the illegal migrants settling in Arunachal Pradesh, the intellectual chakma community has no idea who gave such notification to the students’ union.

Talking about the allegation made by AAPSU, Dhananjoy Chakma, the law student expresses his surprises saying, “ I have high regard and respect for AAPSU as because the members of the students’ union are the future leaders of the state. However, just like a leader, they have it as their moral obligation to stop discriminating same human beings and we Chakmas are human beings not objects to be used in the manner they want for their political gain”.

Robi Chakma, pursuing MA in English in Delhi, has all to say, “AAPSU should look the population growth logically. So far in the lengthy period of 50 years, the poor, deprived educationally and economically poor Chakma and Hajong families who were originally brought to Arunachal had expanded their families. Father became grandfather, again children became grandparents. So, one can imagine an uneducated person has more family members than the one who is educated which is currently happening today. So, it is obvious that population of chakma and Hajong has increased within this span of 50 years. So, standing firmly against such growth is nothing but an effort to discriminate the chakma community and mis-propagate it to general public of the state.”

AAPSU leaders should examine the country’s population growth rate and then compare it with population growth of Arunachal and it will perhaps help them to understand if they truly gain insight of it. Hence, there is no point to discuss about illegal migration and migrated population.

Another valid reason they should realize is the fact that for the last 50 years AAPSU people have never come to Diyun to talk and discuss about pathetic condition of chakma and Hajongs. So, who has the interest or passion to lead such miserable lives as these two communities chakma and hajong in Arunachal Pradesh. To pursue the good and dignified living, several hundreds of people have actually went out of Arunachal and settled to some big cities in the country. Hence, how can AAPSU think of Chakma and Hajong people migrating here from other parts only to lead a rightless life here in Arunachal?


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,,, and the so called intellectual chakmas should also realize that GoI had temporarily settled them at few designated locations only, they had not granted whole of AP, even Changlang or Lohit districts to chakmas. So chakmas should confine to their designated areas whatsoever be the case, instead of illegally encroaching upon vast tracks of reserved and community forest land. The most often excuse used by chakmas to encroach forest land is flood, but the same so called intellectual chakmas should also realize that that illegal activities indulged under whatsoever circumstances is illegal. There is no distinction for thief case… Read more »
AAPSu should also raise their voice against encroachment by khamti, singhpos ete people over land and forest reserve illegally. Why only pointing on chakmas and hajong. They (khamtis singhpos etc mostly Irbns personnel in Diyun ) can do hunting with their gun given by govt whereas if chakmas hunt it is crime while they do its not. What is this bull shit. Next time if AAPSU want ro enter ditun we should not allow them. They just know how to humilate people with dirty poltics mind for their persinal benefits only. They dont have mind and heart to think logically.… Read more »
Now the Indian Government should take a surprising step by bringing the remaining Chakmas from the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh to AP. It will be a huge benefit for the Indian Government, 1) Chakmas are totally pro-Indians, so foreign disturbances can be blocked, 2) Chakmas’ literacy is high enough to contribute something to the Indian Government, 3) Chakmas are victims of human rights violations of Muslims – it will be the Indian Government’s immense kindness and protection of human rights like Western countries’ and 4) Last but not least, the local AP people’s voice will be silenced because they… Read more »