Myriads of opportunities at Diyun

 By Arunjit Chakma
Diyun: Looking back at the anti-Chakma movement in Arunachal Pradesh, it is evident that the plan was to compel the Chakmas to "Quit Arunachal". The Chakmas were hit everywhere but where it hurt the most was "Education"- the intention was to keep the whole community intellectually challenged. Educational institutions were withdrawn from the Chakma settlement areas resulting in generations of dropouts and uneducated, the Chakma students began to get admission in higher secondary schools only few years back.
The by-products of "No Education for Chakma" Policy include endless negative impacts in the community. Now, if I flash back and try to take the positives- I see thousands of Chakma students studying in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Assam who are getting quality education that otherwise was rare in Arunachal. Though, the Chakmas got polished to shine like diamonds in Metropolis but due to no employment opportunity in their home state, they are living away from home. All the highly trained or qualified talents from Chakma still remains outside-it’s a forced brain drain.
As the saying goes “time is the greatest healer”, things have changed greatly in favor of Chakmas, the general acceptability index of Chakmas has really gone up amongst the indigenous communities.  It’s high time that the Chakmas reconsider going out of the state to pursue higher studies.
 Education: The Chakma students should be encouraged to study in Namsai. Namsai is now one of the major education hubs with one University and two colleges which is just 30 kilometers away from Diyun, the hub of Chakmas. One of the reasons why the Chakma Students should be encouraged to take admission at Namsai is that the continuous exchange and communication with indigenous Khampti and Singphos will help understand each other and bridge the gap eventually resulting in win-win situation for all.
What is in it for Chakmas?
  1. Greater acceptability as a community amongst the indigenous communities
  2. Prevention of brain drain from Chakma community
  3. Help in the overall Rights and Developmental goal of Chakmas.
  4. The Talented people can contribute directly for the cause of the community.
Question of Employment:
A good educated person will not die hungry and ever remain unemployed. Moreover, Diyun is no longer a place with no opportunity and a sleepy town. Diyun is booming. The facts given below should catch the imagination of Chakma entrepreneurs and these are not exaggerations.
  • Some year back, one pig remained unsold on a Sunday market day. Now, half a dozen of pigs get sold off within an hour. Non-veg sells like hot cakes and there is always room for more (Supply is lesser than Demand)
  • You might remember paying Rs. 100 as room rent but gone are those days. Room rent in Diyun is not less than Rs. 2000 now and it’s hard to find room rent in Diyun now (Surging Property Market)
  • My father sold 1 Bigha land for Rs. 4000 a decade ago but the price of one Bigha land is Rs. 1,80,000 (Land Rates gone up thousand folds)
  • Education is business and also provides employment to many- There is still a demand for more than 5 schools in Diyun. The classes of Government schools are still over-crowded. Imagine 500 plus students in class XI and 300 plus students in class IX.
  • Health Care is one area where you still can become a millionaire in Diyun. Private clinic and labs will be the money minting centres if opened here in Diyun.
  •  There is plenty of scope for small scale industries, handloom, tailoring, fashion stores etc.
Time is opportunity and the opportunities are up for grabs at Diyun, time has matured for all those Chakmas working in Metropolis to invest their savings in Diyun and contribute in socio-economic development of the community. So, who is going to be the Mukesh Ambani from Diyun?
Information about Namsai Colleges
Arunachal University of Studies
Arunachal University of Studies, Namsai started in 2013 and offers degree & Diploma in Arts, Commerce, Education, Agriculture & Horticulute, Computer Scinece, Library & Information, Management, Music & Fine Arts, Skill Development & Vocational Studies, Engineering & Technology and Law.
VENERABLE Uktara Bethany College, Manmow, Namsai.
Venerable Uktara Bethany College has started its first academic session with 60 students as its first batch. Basically a private college under the aegis of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany, North East Province, with headquarters at Mangalore (India), it is being FUNDED by the Bethany Educational Trust and Bethany Charitable Trust.
Mahabodhi Lord Buddha Collage, Namsai
Mahabodhi Lord Buddha College, Namsai has started functioning from the academic year 2013-14 with sufficient ground work done in the past years. The people and the public leaders of Namsai region invited Mahabodhi to start a college, with great zeal, enthusiasm and generosity. The Government of Arunachal Pradesh has extended its support in the construction of the academic building. The work is under progress. The present college building is suitably located in Namsai town and the building has spacious rooms and lecture halls.
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