MUST READ: An inspiring message to REGA from a victim of Bor Porong who now resides in Dhaka

Dear REGA,

I have gone through the story of “Bor Porangee” describing the pangs and agonies of the wretched Chakmas of Arunachal Pradesh in which you mentioned the history chronologically; how the Chakmas have reached the present location of Arunachal Pradesh. You have also mentioned how the present half centurions have spent their life and gave toil and moil for their survival and their future progenies. Your story is really informative and eventful and it will be undoubtedly a part of the history of the Chakmas. I know about the Chakmas of Arunachal Pradesh, but your story helped me a lot to get home to the Chakmas of Arunachal Pradesh in details. I think, each and every Chakma should at least look through your story to keep them well informed about their brethren of Arunachal who are still struggling for their existence identity.

At one stage, you have mentioned that very few Chakmas of CHT are aware about the Chakmas of Arunachal. I do agree with you about it and to prove your statement, I asked some of the University students of Chittagong and Dhaka. But I got a shock that they got very meager idea or information about the Chakmas of Arunachal. It is a shame, a great shame for the educated Chakmas. We are going to forget the history of our own. I think, it is not a good omen. The young generation should be curious, inquisitive and muse on the issue how to get rid of the present catastrophe that the Chakmas are facing in different countries especially in CHT, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Myanmar which I have mentioned in my article, “A letter from a father to his beloved son”. Anyway, these are the outburst of my mental agony and emotion.

Through this letter I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Mr. Supriya Talukdar. Please convey my deepest respect and thanks to him on my behalf as the story in finding the origin of the Chakmas is unique and logical about the location of Champaknagar in Myanmar which many writers have indicated it in Bihar which seems to be totally absurd as the ancient history Bihar did not mention the abode of Mongoloid people. So there is no room to believe that the Ckakmas have sprung from Bihar of India.

It may be mentioned here that in 1998, before my departure for Canada to study in St. Francis Xavier University, I spent seven days in Bodh Gaya and consecutively visited Magadh University to look through the past history of Bihar to trace the name of this luckless tribe, Chakma or Champaknagar. In addition, I have talked with Dr. Rastrapal Bhikkhu and other scholars of the University about the ancient Bihar. I was not satisfied with the old historical records as most of the documents were written in Hindi and as a result, the writings were all Greek to me.

However, though I am not historian, the description made by Mr. S. Takukdar convinced me as he made chronological description how the Chakmas settled there and showed the linkage with the history of Myanmar. I think, the Chakma writers especially people of historical interest should go for in depth research on it to definitely pointing out the actual location of the origin of the Chakmas of CHT. And the Chakma intelligentsia should form a research group and start researching based on the guidelines described by Mr. S. Talukdar. Once again I do express my sincere thanks to Mr. S. Takuldar for his discovery.

Lastly, I do express my sincere thanks to Rajkumari Chandra Kalindi Roy for her initiative of depicting the plight of the Chamkas of the CHT and submitting memoranda to different international community for having their support and sympathy and put forth the CHT issue to international community. It is a noble task indeed! Though she is not known to me well, but I had a regular contact with her deceased father Raja Tridiv Roy during his life time. We used to share things of CHT issue through e-mail. I do feel seriously for HE T. Roy as he was magnanimous and had strong sympathy for his subjects which I have noticed during my student life in Rangamati in 1966 when I was a student of class-VI. Frankly speaking, I had a great honor and respect for his personality, prudence and foresightedness that helped him to decide staying in Pakistan as he has foreseen the present scenario prevailing in Bangladesh.

Anyway, please inspire Ms. Roy to continue apprising the international community on CHT issue so that it easily gets a momentum and international attention. I think, the young generation should come forward for reviving our past glory and honor. They should be ready to fight with their intellect or cranial capacity, not with guns as it has already been proven bootless. Our demand will be constitutional, dialogue will be diplomatic having pressure from international community and avoiding wrong headedness. I think, this will be the technique for achieving our objectives.

I am sorry; I have written a long letter. Please don’t think, this is the suggestion. I dare not to suggest you as I am neither a big brass nor an intellectual. It is simply my conjecture and impulse of emotion which we could undertake for greater interest of the Chakmas as a whole. Lastly, please convey my love and affection to the younger generation of Arunachal and best respect to my present seniors with whom I have passed a couple of months in Majli camp, Monu with my parents as Bor Porongee in 1965/1966.

Thank you once again for your informative writings on the Chakmas of Arunachal.

Best regards.
U Dewan

Courtesy : PRADHIR TALUKDAR, REGA: Thank you so much for sharing a message that breathes the pain, anguish of being a victim of the "Bor Porong" (the greatest exodus of the Chakmas from Bangladesh due to coming up of the Kaptai Dam, Govt' infamous tactics against them, internal conflicts etc. Mr. S. Takukdar take on the chronological description "how the Chakmas settled and the linkage with the history of Chakmas of Myanmar."the message also reads out on CHT issue which is getting momentum and international attention; and the last but not the least, the victim wants to convey his/her love and affection to the Chakmas of Arunachal.

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