Loving Kindness: Protection from Evils


Loving-Kindness (Metta Bhavana) is a Protection from evils . It protects you and protect others living beings as well . It is good for you and good to all beings.

In the Mettanisamsa Sutta of Anguttara Niyaya, mentioned 11 Advantages of Loving kindness. In the Karaniya Metta sutta too mentioned the advantages of loving kindness one who regularly practise. Loving-kindness is a kind of meditation to filter one mind from defilement.

It is said who ever practise and radiate loving-kindness, compassion, sharing Joy of other good , and equanimity will get benefit, blessing of Happiness, peace, tranquility. Besides, there are more benefits are

1. Sleep well.
2. Wake up fresh with none laziness.
3. Will not see any bad dream,nightmare
4. Will loved by every human being , animal, gods, no enemy, former enemies will become friends.
5. Will loved by every spiritual being, no harm ,no danger from any fierce animals.
6. Wil always protected by Deva from any dangerous things during traveling by air, by land or by sea.
7. Will be safe from danger of fire, danger of weapon, danger of poison.
8. Will concentrate in doing meditation, reading , working to be easiest successfulness.
9. Wil get Good appearances, fresh, look younger than usual age.
10 When time come to die, mind will be calm with happy, no worriness, will pass away like going to sleep well.
11. If in this life not obtain highest level of jhana, hereafter will be reborn at the world of good state.

How to practise Loving-Kindness ?

May I be happy, may I be freed from all evils, may I free from delusion, may I free from bad thoughts, may all good thoughts pour on me, may all good wisdom rise to me and may all evil thoughts vanish from me. May my parents,brother-sister,son,daughter,wife, relatives all be happy. May all they free from bad omen, may all safe and secure.

May they all possessed good thoughts etc. Likewise radiate ,cultivate loving-kindness for all living beings such as seen,unseen,tiny,small,up and down and radiate in all directions for all beings.

One should practise Loving-kindness meditation regularly and radiate it to universe in every direction in all times. May all beings be Happy.

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