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Dharmapur is surrounded by two mighty rivers, Noa Dihing (New river) and Buri Dihing (Old river) had to counter the fury of both the rivers which erode the place from both sides. It is like an island. It is under Miao circle of Changlang in Arunachal Pradesh. Dharmapur which comprises of 3 villages with a population of 10260 (1789 families) where there is only a Middle School. Due to lack of High School, the students of Dharmapur risk their lives every day to reach the school. Recently, Bijoypur Middle School upgraded to Secondary School.

To reach the high schools, the students of Dharmapur village have to cross the Dihing river from points where there are no bridges, only there is a small boat. During rainfall, the water level crosses the danger mark, making the crossing difficult for students and villagers alike. They then have no option but to bunk classes in order to save themselves from injuries.

            Chakma students from Dharmapur village crossing the river during the rainfall

Most of the Chakma inhabited villages, the villagers struggle to survive in this tough topography in the absence of roads, electricity, healthcare, education and employment. Whatever little they have they try and make the most of. For instance, There are many students who risk their life every day while crossing the river to reach school.

This, in turn, has gravely affected the education of the students. Poor attendance yields poor results at the end of the school year.

Students who fail in exams, especially boys, drop out early and become engaged in menial jobs. They start migrate to other cities and states like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, etc in search of work. Girls are either married off at an early age or made to stay home and help with chores.

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