Killing of Democracy still persists in Tripura

                                                                           File photo of late Sudip Datta Bhowmik

Sonjit Chakma

The practice of continuous suppression of freedom of press persistently existing in different parts of our country has been eloquently described by many national medias. The recent incident is evident that country or a state that stands and usually moves on in a quadrupedal manner has been now became tripled when fourth pillar of a democratic country has been cut off.

Now how can a state like that of an animal with inadequate legs can stand firm and run properly by safeguarding the nation? Most of the reasons for killing were unknown earlier, though citizens were very much cynical about the perpetrators. But the recent killing of Tripura’s veteran journalist Sudip Datta Bhowmik on Tuesday afternoon by Tripura State Rifles 2nd Bn Commandant Tapan Debbarma at headquarter situated at RK Nagar in West Tripura has been openly exposed. According to various news reports the editor-cum- proprietor of Syandan Patrika alleged that Sudip was one of the crime reporter who had exposed as many as 11 corruption stories in Tripura. He was called by the Commandant in the pretext of clarifying some articles reported against him. But unfortunately it became a dead thrash for him and had to leave his family forever.

Even after witnessing the reports about killing of journalist one after another, the state government consistently failed to adopt safety measures in order to safeguard the state veteran journalist Mr. Sudip Bhowmik just after 2 months from the brutal killing of Shantanu Bhowmik inspite of several requests from various press and electronic medias. The inefficient and incompetent state government only provided them jackets in order to identify them whenever they go to field reporting.

Now the question is does the state requires such security personnel anymore who at any point of time can lose the sense of morality and who is supposed to be the savior turning into killer (villain). An oath a security personal takes before a full fledged security doesn’t justify destroying the bread earners of a family. And what remorse can a person in the job of being a body guard would go through where one has no moral authority to exercise mankind and serve people through humanitarian values. In an environment where all persons are corrupt, an innocent would really have a very hard time. So for the innocence reporting of this veteran journalist had to pay a heavy price that costs his life. This brutal murder encourages corruption and citing it as indispensable and the corruptors should be openly let loose without reporting and with impunity. Voice of the public is also suppressed in any extent possible in this way. Is it that we are trying to justify

the chameleon’s face of corrupt through elimination of those innocent reporters from our society? If such crimes by any infringe groups continues it will lead Tripura from bad to worse. To keep the stability of the society, the government must ensure that human rights and fundamental rights are not compromised at any cost. So it is said that better late than never, state government should go for pass a bill in the State Legislative Assembly considering non-bailable offence to such heinous crimes and adopting other safety & security measures at the earliest possible. The Tripura Government must condemn this gruesome murder and ensure that justice is delivered to the family of Veteran journalists for this irreparable loss not only for his family but for the entire nation. The Govt must carry on its responsible duty of serving people keeping in mind the words of Martin Luther King Jr. that Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere which means if the government fails this time and ends up a travesty of justice it will eventually have an adverse impact on the journalists of other parts in India and their competency would be questioned by the nation. Mr Sudip’s untiring efforts and dedication to save the state from corruption through his bold and passionate way of journalism should always be lauded and remembered forever.

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