Here's how Chakma Community celebrated 2562th Buddha Jayanti


As like every year, this year also the Chakma Buddhist community all around the world across the countries celebrated the 2562th Buddha Jayanti with great enthusiasm, pomp and splendor. The real celebration of Buddha jayanti is applying his teaching in our daily lives. The summary of his teaching is Don't commit any evil deeds, practice all virtuous deeds and purify our minds. Have we really taken that to heart and even started practicing them? We have to ask this question over and over again because obviously it seems we are just going quite against that teaching when we look at our lives and our behavior.

The Chakma Buddhist community celebrated the most sacred auspicious occasion in different ways. Take a journey how the Chakmas being celebrated  the 2562th Buddha Jayanti in different places.

A Colorful cultural procession being taken out in Diyun under Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh

The Chakma women in their colorful traditional attire during a procession in Diyun

The candles being lighting at a Chakma area in Tripura


The Chakma women in with full of devotion



A Chariot beautifully decorated during a procession.


The Chakma women pose for photo


Devotees holding Buddhist flag during a procession in Diyun


Students take participated in a rally in somewhere in CHT




A hot-air balloon being prepared to fly in the sky



A colorful procession took out on auspicious occasion of Buddha Jayanti in Bijoypur this morning. The devotees from Anchalik Vihar & Bana Vihar have jointly participated.




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