Diyun abuzz with talk of Samlung's not contesting Diyun-Bordumsa MLA seat


DIYUN, JULY 17: The town’s political circles are agog with speculation that Samlung Mossang may not eventually contest for the much coveted MLA seat of 49th Bordumsa-Diyun Assembly Constituency.

Lending credence to this theory is a set of fast-moving developments happening in 50th Miao Constituency where the incumbent MLA, Samlung’s brother Kamlung Mossang’s seat is severely threatened from a probable candidate within the Tangsa community.

The grapevine has it that there is a serious anti-incumbency against Kamlung Mossang in his constituency and majority disgruntled people who were once loyal are looking to join hands with the new candidate to bring down Mossang’s reign.
It is speculated that elder brother has apprehension against Samlung Mossang’s ambition to become MLA at Diyun-Bordumsa and wants him to help to reconsolidate his position at Miao keeping in view the election in 2019.

If the rumors are to be believed, Samlung now wants Jawra Mayo to contest on his behalf from Bordumsa-Diyun. This development will trigger off C.C Singpho’s ambition to capture power back from Nikh Kamin who came from far off western part of the state to depose his 25 years regime.

The race in the absence of Samlung Mossang is expected to be walk in the park for Nikh Kamin. No doubt, Singpho unity can make him sweat but lack of it is likely to prove counterproductive for them. Dana Takio could also take away some valuable voter chunk from the Singpho bastion.

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