Demanding deletion of Chakma voters from electoral rolls is an impractical joke

24/12/2017, Diyun: Some newborn organizations are reportedly demanding deletion of Chakma names from electoral rolls in Arunachal Pradesh is an impractical joke.

Had the matter been thoroughly researched on by the leaders of these organizations, they would have understood, since 2004, many organizations challenged the Election Commission of India in the court of law. True, by the end of the day ‘Truth Always Wins’.

Challenging the Election Commission of India seems to have become a fashion in India. After Hardik Patel in Gujarat, now some organizations of Arunachal Pradesh reportedly the District Students’ Unions’ Coordination Committee of Namsai, Changlang and Papum Pare (DSUs CCNCPP) on Saturday demanded immediate deletion of names of Chakma and Hajongs voters from the electoral rolls challenging the decision of the Election Commission of India.

Chakmas being Citizens of India have been granted voting rights by establishing this fact by the court in the Writ Petition in W.P. 886 of 2000 (People Union for Civil Liberties Vs Election Commission of India & ors.)

AAPSU as well in PIL No. 52 of 2010 challenged the ECI’s decision to include Chakmas in electoral roll in the Guwahati High Court and AAPSU’s contention was trashed by the court.

It is also reported in media that the total number of Chakma and Hajong voters enrolled in the electoral rolls without citizenship registration proof in Namsai, Papum Pare and Changlang district is 11230 (Namsai 514, Papum Pare 632, Changlang 10084) as per the DSUs CCNCPP which is a grossly inflated figure. It shows lack of homework and research on the part of these organizations challenging the guidelines of the Election Commission of India.

As per the official website of ECI, around 2630 Chakma and Hajong in 49 Bordumsa-Diyun Constituency are enrolled in electoral roll. In the rest of the constituencies, the total number of Chakma-Hajong voters is less than 700.

The contention of DSUs CCNCPP is exaggerated and out of place as far as the enrollment figure and challenging the ECI for inclusion of Chakma-Hajongs in electoral roll in concern.


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