CNCI, TCSA condemn rape of Marma sisters and physical assault on Chakma Rani Yan Yan by Bangladeshi Army


ACN Staff Reporter

AGARTALA, FEB 27: The representatives from the Chakma National Council of India (CNCI) and Tripura Chakma Students’ Association (TCSA) have strongly condemned the physical assault of Chakma Rani Yan Yan and rape and sexual assault on two Marma sisters by Bangaleshi Army in CHT, Bangladesh.


While addressing a press conference at Agartala Press Club on Monday, the President of Chakma National council of India (CNCI), Tripura Unit, Sanatan Talukdar said, “On 22 January our two sisters from Marma community were raped in their house by Bangladeshi Army at Bilaichuri village of Rangmati district of CHT.  Even though several Human right groups and social organisations had demanded the justice for them but no development was observed in that matter”.


“Later, the victims were admitted at Rangamati Sadar Hospital due to their deteriorating health condition, but unfortunately on 15 February, a group of law enforcers came to the Hospital and Physical assaulted to Chakma Rani Yan Yan along with a Volunteer who were looking after the welfare of the victims”, Talukdar said.


The Chakma National Council of India, Tripura Unit and Tripura Chakma Students’ Association (TCSA) have strongly condemned the barbaric incident and heinous act by Bangladeshi Army. They also demanded the intervention of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi in this issue to fix Sheikh Hasina led Bangladesh government.

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