Chakmas are Heading Towards A Biggest Educational



Sanjika Chakma and Monu Chakma, (named changed) when given to read a small passage from the textbook, they couldn’t. When it came to writing, it went more disastrous. How many of you will get sadly surprised to discover how the class V or VI students may not have acquired enough reading skills after spending five crucial academic years? It reflects the pathetic condition of the education system in Government schools in Chakma inhabited villages in Arunachal Pradesh.

A simple statistical report says, the average number of students in the Government school, Maitripur Village is 200. From 1st standard to 8th standard, none of the students have been able to acquire the competencies for writing and reading. Imagine, there are eleven or 12 villages with each Government school or rather one Govt school shared by two or three villages. So let’s take the average number of students as 200 in per Govt School with no skills, knowledge, and competencies of writing and reading in students.

When you multiply 200 students with 11 Govt schools of whole Chakma villages, the total figure will be around 2200. So, this simple statistical calculation says every year 2200 number of Chakma students are coming out lacking both the reading and writing skills.12 Chakma villages 12 Govt schools
Each Govt school 200 students on average with no reading and writing skills
Total number of students every year = 200 x12 22, 00 Chakma students coming out with no competency of reading and writing as per the standard of employability in the market.

Can anyone imagine what kind of future that number of students will have? Out of this number of students, 70% will be school dropout and will not pass even 12th standard. And from the remaining 30%, 20% of students will take up petty jobs after passing 12th standard somehow. And remaining 10% of students will be pursuing higher education with no specific goals in mind.

Now, the million dollar question is where we are heading towards after the next 10 years? Will we have enough competent graduates to grab the job opportunities even if we are given citizenship status? Here, I’m reminded of one of my favorite Tibetan proverbs as “A child without education, is like a bird without wings”.
India takes pride today as the country with the youngest generation possibly the best workforce to rule the world by next decade. And to make the better usage of country’s youth, the Government is putting effort to mould the youth populace into skilled force.

Many number of initiatives taken by National Skilled Development Corporation, various NGOs engaged offering technical education permeating and penetrating to each corner and part of the country and besides, educational movement like “Teach for India” promoting excellent education to minimize the widened gap of quality learning between the Government school and private school are some of the important recent developments.
If we are to grow as a society, it demands everyone’s attention and focus towards educating our students, creating excellent learning opportunities for them, so that we can be part of country’s nation-building in this 21st century.

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