Calling Chakmas “Refugee” is Ignorance

24/12/2017, Diyun: Some organizations and media often refer to Chakmas of Arunachal Pradesh as refugees. Some are genuinely ignorant about the facts about the Chakmas and the rest try deliberately to score some brownie points by clubbing all the Chakmas and calling them ‘Refugees’.

The truth is “Chakmas are no more refugees” by the virtue of the constitution of this great nation. Reference like ‘refugees’ for Chakmas is disrespect for the constitution of this country that we take pride of.

There is also no any iota of doubt that some organizations with vested interest prefer to disregard the fact that Chakmas are already Citizens of this country that 90 percent of Chakmas or Arunachal Pradesh are citizens by birth by the virtue of Section 3 (1) (a) of the Citizenship Act, 1955.

The same is also established by Delhi Court in Writ Petition in W.P. 886 of 2000 (People Union for Civil Liberties Vs Election Commission of India & ors.) and thereby ordered inclusion of Chakmas in the state electoral rolls.

As far as the remaining 10 percent of Chakmas are concerned, they are the senior citizens of Chakmas community who migrated to India from the erstwhile East Pakistan from 1964-69 and settled in NEFA, present day Arunachal Pradesh under a definite plan of rehabilitation.

The government of India also considers them as citizens of India and conferment of Citizenship to them is considered time and again and it is in the final stage despite protest from vested interest in Arunachal Pradesh.

Had Chakmas been refugees, the government and the UNHCR would have provided Chakmas with refugee entitlements like that of Tibetans in India.

The fact of the matter is Chakmas are not refugees as 90 percent of them are born in India and are Citizens by birth by virtue of the constitution of this country.

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Bomjing Modi

In the same Section 3 of Citizenship Act,1955, 1 (b).
It is mentioned that the applicant should have either of his/her “PARENTS WITH INDIAN CITIZENSHIP AT THE TIME OF HIS/HER BIRTH” for being eligible.
And it is mentioned in this very article that senior citizens of Chakma & Hajong were brought to India for rehabilitation. There is nowhere any mention of conferring Citizenship to them.
So, I may be wrong but, since none of your parents had Citizenship during the birth of present generation, your Citizenship by birth is null and void.
But Citizenship by Naturalization is there.