Bizu: Begins Colorful festival of Chakmas


The Bizu festival is the most important socio-religious festival of the Chakma community. It lasts for three-day long and first day start with Phool Bizu (Flower floating). On this day, household items, clothes are cleaned and washed, food items are collected to give the house a new look with the veil of different flowers. The second day known as Mul Bizu.This day starts with the bath in the river. People wear new clothes and make rounds of the village. Women wear "pinon" and "Haadi" while men wear "silum" and "dhudi". They also enjoy specially made vegetable curry known as "Pazon ton", different homemade sweets and take part in different traditional sports. The day ends with the Bizu dance.

The last day, which is known as Gojje pojje din involves the performances of different socio-religious activities. In the context of its nature some say that Bizu is a festival, which revolves around agricultural activities because it is celebrated in mid-April when the earth is just drenched with the first rain and the jum sowing is taken up. And it is believed that with the objective of getting rich harvest worship of the earth was arranged which later on took the form of a festival. However of late it has lost its agricultural character.


Chakmas Celebrated Phool Bizu

The Chakma Community is celebrating Bizu with great pomp and gaiety across the globe.  The first day of grand celebrations of BIzu start with Phool Bizu (Flower floating) which was celebrated yesterday. The Chakmas people of Tripura conducting the 45th State Level Bizu Festival in Pechartal which was inaugurated last yesterday by the Union Tribal Affairs Minister, Shri Jual Oram and also attended by Chief Minister of Tripura, Shri Biplab Dev as a Chief Guest.

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