Attacks on Chakma Rani Yan Yan by law enforcers: CHT - Based civil society organizations condemned


RANGAMATI, FEB 17:  Six civil society groups on friday joined together in a press conference to condemn the attack on the Chakma Rani, Her Majesty Yan Yan and two rape victims from Marma Community and their subsequent pick-up allegedly by law enforcers from Rangamati Sadar Hospital on Thursday evening.


The joint press conference was organised by Chittagong Hill Tracts Nagarik Committee, Women’s Resource Network, CHT Headmen Network, CHT Karbari Network and Bangladesh Mahila Parishad at local Sabarang Restaurant in Rangamati town.


The President of CHT Nagarik Committee, Gautam Dewan alleged that Marma sisters remained traceless and they did not know where the law enforcers kept them now after picking them up.


A group of law enforcers including Bangladeshi Army, BGB and along with Police in non-uniforms came to Rangamati Sadar Hospital and took positions at different points at the ward where the victims were kept at around 7 pm on Thursday.

At one stage, they shut down all the lights inside the hospital and all on a sudden started beating up Rani Yen Yen, volunteers and few attendants.


Later, the law enforcers picked the Marma siblings while Rani Yen Yen managed to escape, claimed the statement.


‘A female volunteer was sexually harassed during the incident. The attackers (law enforcers and security members) were masked, so that we cannot recognise them,’ said Gautam Dewan.


Leaders of six organisations said that attack on Rani Yen Yen was tantamount to attack on the traditional institution of the ethnic people in Chittagong Hill Tracts.


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