Assam Rifles apprehends One NSCN (IM) OGW in Khonsa


KHONSA, JUN 27: In a key success, the Khonsa Battalion of Assam Rifles under the aegis of DAO Division apprehended one Over Ground Worker (OGW) of NSCN(IM) at Khonsa town of Tirap district on Wednesday. A defence source informed that the Assam Rifles Under DAO division has been carrying out extensive operations in South ALP to keep the area peaceful in resulting in the apprehension of Over Ground Worker Nahang Tongjang  of NSCN(IM) who is Bazaar Secretary of Khonsa Town.

There were a No of anonymous verbal complaints against Mr. Nahang Tangjang in the past and individual was also caught by security forces while trying to provide administrative and logistic support to NSCN (IM) faction in the unit area of responsibility earlier. In Spite of repeated warnings, he remained constantly involved in providing support to Underground Groups.

During initial questioning and investigation, Mr Nahang Tangjang admitted his allegiance with NSCN (IM) faction in facilitating extortion activities in Khonsa Market and revealed that he is in regular communication with cadres of NSCN (IM) and also used to meet the Cadres whenever called by them. He further admitted that he had extorted money on behalf of NSCN (IM) group from various Govt & civil departments of Khonsa town and also provided administrative and logistic support to underground group, which includes supply of rations, medicines, liquor and money.

This apprehension came out as a setback to the extortion activities being carried out by the Over Ground Workers in the area and proved to be a relief for the local population. Assam Rifles once again truly stood by their motto “FRIENDS OF THE NORTH EAST PEOPLE”.

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