Arunachal Governor Brig. (Dr.) B.D. Mishra's Message on Republic Day

My dear fellow citizens of Arunachal Pradesh,

I convey my profound greetings to you all on the solemn occasion of this 69th Republic day. On this day, we pay homage to the remarkable vision of the founding fathers of our nation who gave us the Constitution, which is a living embodiment of all the values which India stands for. It is also a day to celebrate the rich diversity of our country, of which Arunachal Pradesh is the finest example. On this day, let us also remember the sacrifices of the brave hearts of our armed forces who valiantly guard our borders.

In our State, an ambitious infrastructure development program is underway. We are seeing creation of new highways, bridges, airports, power projects which are truly transforming our society.I would like to commend our Chief Minister, Shri Pema Khandu ji who has demonstrated remarkable vision and resolve in charting out a progressive development agenda for the state. The “Team Aruanchal”, which is our key mantra, is yielding visible results on ground. Our State Government is totally committed to provide a transparent, efficient and corruption free administration; an administration, which is particularly responsive to the aspirations of the youth. Our State Government is totally committed to provide a transparent, efficient and corruption free administration; an administration, which is particularly responsive to the aspirations of the youth.

The Central Government has a special affection for us. It has announced that people of the North Eastern States don’t have to come to Delhi for their grievances, now people from Delhi will come to North East to listen to us.
In days to come, our State, under the able leadership of Shri Pema Khandu Ji, will experience substantial development in all segments of socio economic sector. Health, Education, Rural Electrification and roads will significantly change. A major push has been given to the development of the Rural Farm economy and to enhance the income of the farmers. We are proud of the achievements of some of the progressive farmers of the State who have taken bold initiatives, risk and ventured into growing of new crop varieties.
The historic Goods and Services Tax law is the boldest step in our tax regime ever after our Independence. Our State, Arunachal Pradesh has joined the rest of the nation in its implementation. This has brought the desired framework of “One Nation- One Tax”. It is a Good and Simple Tax. GST has created a transparent tax administrative regime. It rewards compliance and punishes evaders. I urge all people engaged in economic activity in the State to ensure its successful transition.
The multiple tribes of our State have always shared a tradition of harmonious coexistence with the nature. Following their sublime tribal culture and ethos they have shared a special relationship with forests and the flora fauna. Accordingly, our State Government plans to achieve economic development in an environment friendly manner.

Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji has given a call to the nation for Swachh Bharat. I congratulate the people of Arunachal Pradesh who have achieved the target of Open Defecation Free State in December 2017, way ahead of the target set for the Mission.

Three days back, there was a proud moment for our country on an international forum. We heard our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi ji address the leaders of the world at World Economic Forum at Davos in Switzerland. A true Statesman, which he is, he called upon the leaders to be sensitive to the challenges of global terror, climate change and narrow economic protectionism. He also cautioned the global leaders present at Davos about the deep fractures which pervade human societies inspite of technologies which connect. The grand strategic handling of the ‘standoff’ at Doklam plateau was a loud and clear assertion of resolve of our Nation. Under the present apex leadership, our armed forces have shown that under no circumstances shall we allow any power of the world to challenge the territorial integrity of India.

Some time back, India successfully launched the Agni 5, intercontinental ballistic missile off the Orissa Coast. It is a tribute to the genius of our scientists who have achieved this remarkable distinction which only a few developed nations have. This scientific military feat has also demonstrated to the world our technological depth and manufacturing skills.

I appeal to my people of Arunachal Pradesh to continue to secure, in letter and spirit, justice, liberty, equality and fraternity, to all citizens of our Great Nation.
Jai Arunachal,
Jai Bharat.


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