APCSU’s units in Assam invigorate the Movement for rights at a Youth Conference in Digboi

ACN Staff Reporter

DIGBOI, SEP 18: In a Youth Conference organised jointly by APCSU’s units of Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, Digboi and Margherita, student members have wailed in their prolonged misery of their community and declared that the time has come for all of them to lead the citizenship rights movement along with the main APCSU unit in Delhi. All these years, most of their lives were centered on colleges and careers but now the student leaders of these four units have agnized of their concealed pains and ignited their rage to fight solely for the rights of the Chakma.

All the four units have pledged that they would enthusiastically lead the proposed National Protest in December and the peaceful protest against Non-issuance of Birth Certificates in Diyun.

Kinchan Chakma, the president of APCSU-Dibrugarh unit condemned the uncharitable mindsets of those Chakma’s service holders who have distanced themselves from the pressing issues of Citizenship Rights and neither assists APCSU nor CCRDC in any ways in their endeavours for rights. He further said that APCSU unit of Dibrugarh called for financial assistance from every Chakma’s job holders belong to Arunachal Pradesh and anyone who defies would be treated harshly from the student’s fraternity.

Supon Chakma, GS of Dibrugarh Unit has appealed to all the units to immediately change their union’s title to APCSU mentioning the name of the city as the unit. “We all are from Arunachal Pradesh and belong to APCSU therefore we should always mention APCSU along with our unit in any official matters “, He said.

Sunil Kumar, the president of Digboi Unit has urged all the Chakma students in Assam to actively participate in all activities as planned and conveyed by Prahlad Chakma, Chief GS-APCSU.

The Youth conference was held on last Sunday, 14th September in Digboi. The conference has seen nearly 200 Chakma college students from Dibrugarh, Digboi, Tinsukia and Margherita. The youth conference was lead by Prahlad Chakma, Chief General Secretary of APCSU. In the first half of the conference he has delivered a session on leadership development to all the students. In the second half of the conference he included session to inculcate a sense of Chakma nationalism in all the students. While addressing the conference he informed that APCSU’s units in Assam are strategically very important for the Chakma and they are the only talents left from Arunachal who would be able to bring a change in the society.

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