APCSU forms new Interim Central Executive Committee


ACN Staff Reporter

DIYUN, JAN 05: A new interim Central Executive Committee of Arunachal Pradesh Chakma Students’ Union has been formed today at the Annual Conference of APCSU held at the Circuit House Diyun circle. The Central Executive Committee was elected unanimously by the students’ attendees representing all the Chakma Students of Arunachal Pradesh.

Ex- executive body of Arunachal Pradesh Chakma Student’s Union (APCSU) has organized a two day Annual Conference through an Organising Committee to select/elect a Central new Executive Body on 4th and 5th of January 2018 at the Circuit House Auditorium Hall, Diyun.

The first day of the Conference (4th Jan 2018) which comprises cultural and literary programs was organized however, on the second day of the Annual Conference (5th January 2018) which was the day of the election/selection of the Central new Executive Committee, the organizing committee including the Chairperson has boycott the Annual Conference without citing any valid reasons. All the students attendees comprising of Chakma students studying in Diyun Circle, Miao Circle, Digboi, Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Guwahati, Namsai, Margherita and Delhi who have came to attend the Annual Conference have waited for them to continue the conference since 8AM to 2PM.

At 2PM, the Chairperson of the Organizing Committee, Mr Nunez Chakma came at the venue and to everyone surprised announced that the Organizing Committee has thereby postponed the remaining agenda of the Annual Conference and no valid reason were cited.

All the students present at the Annual Conference has come to a conclusion that the reason for postponing the Annual Conference abruptly is due to lack of students support in their favor to select/elect the President and other executive members of their choice for the newly executive body of APCSU as the set agenda of the Annual Conference.

All the students’ attendees have requested the organizing committee not to postpone the Annual Conference and select or elect the Central New Executive Body through democratic norms and following the Constitution of the APCSU. However, in spite of the requests, the organizing committee has postponed the Annual Conference without citing any specific reason. It is therefore, observed that the act of the Organizing Committee to abruptly boycott and postponed the remaining agenda of the Annual Conference was uncalled for as the formation of central new executive body of APCSU would have remained incomplete due to their illegal decision to meet their vested interest.

As the tenure of the existing Central Executive Body has expired and dissolved by virtue of holding the Annual Conference with an agenda of forming a Central new Executive Body, all the students attendees observed and unanimously resolved to reject their unwanted circular of postponement of the Annual Conference and has resolved to constitute a Central new Executive body to fill the void of not having a Central new executive body to run the APCSU organization under the new Chairperson so elected for the purpose to continue the remaining agenda of the Annual Conference in selecting or electing the new Central Executive Committee.

Prahlad Chakma has been unanimously selected as the President while Gyano Muni Chakma has been selected as the General Secretary.

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