An Ethical Leader


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Unlike unethical leaders, ethical leaders are those who are not afraid of doing what they truly believe to be right, even if it is unpopular, unprofitable,and inconvenient. Due to which they are honoured everywhere. There are some characteristics or traits that an ethical leaders possesses through which everyone can adjudicate him or her.

An ethical leader is free from bias and prejudices irrespective of sex, caste, creed, religion or any other factors. They have no favourite or benevolence and treat everyone equally. Respecting others is one of the quality of an ethical leader. He respects everyone equally and listen the views of others attentively , valuing their contributions and shows generous attitudes while considering the opposing viewpoints or perspectives.

Honesty is also another traits of an effective ethical leader. A leader who is honest can develops trust upon his followers and never deceive them. He is not only loved by everyone but also honoured. He is honest not only with the peoples but also with the code of ethics.

An ethical leader has a kind hearted with his subordinates and people as well. He has mercy with his people and never give tribulations to the people either physically or mentally. He also has the potentiality of winning the hearts of not only his colleagues but also his peoples.

Ethical Leader fosters a sense of community and team spirit within the organisation. He always strives to achieve goals, it is not just his personal goals that he concerns with but also for the benefactions of the government or organisation and the people as well.

He has no power of tolerance for ethical violations and always do the right thing not only for himself but also the government as well. He is not afraid of intimidation for his rights however strong it may be. He always try to abolish the evils that takes place within the organisation or government and has the power to subjugate it by his honesty, kindness, respect and team spirit as well.

In ethical leadership, all decisions are first taken into consideration to ensure that they are in accordance with the norms or not. Only those decisions that meets this criterion are implemented for the benefactions of the government and the people.

Under an ethical leadership, government thrives and flourish. People are rewarded when they come up with innovative ideas and are encouraged to do what it takes to improve the way things are done. Evils are restricted and virtues are encouraged for benefactions of everyone.

Hence, those people who are brought up in a discipline and democratic ways only those who will be in accordance with the norms even if whatsoever profession they choose or enter . They will not tolerate the evils and encourage the virtues for welfare of the society as well as the them.

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