About Us | Arunachal Chakma News

Arunachal Chakma News (ACN) is being established with the sheer vision of providing a platform where their stories of deprivation and depresses as well as the stories of success and happiness  will be acknowledged and documented to share among the Chakma to build a strong connection among themselves and to share with the people outside of Arunachal Pradesh to draw their attention to the state of their vulnerability statelessness and misery.


The three circle encircling with each other symbolizing the CONNECTION that we want our chakma people to build with each other. The green color display our association with our root, the greenery that we were grown up with! The Violet signifies our unconditional service and sensitivity towards our chakma community. The Red color shows our energy, enthusiasm and commitment toward our work that we have chosen



To provide a media through which Chakma villages will come closer to each other. We strive do this by allowing people to know and be aware of every little things that happen in each village.

- To unite all the Chakma. We wish to do this by focusing on the common problems and misery that agitating every one of us as a community.

- To provide the main India a lens to understand and value how the Chakma in Arunachal are being mistreated and denied every basic right to develop as a human being in their own birth place.

- To eradicate anti social evil and criminal activities within the society by keeping a strict check and expose system.

- To develop the community by highlighting success stories, best practices in farming and other rural businesses innovations and interventions within and outside the community.

- To develop cordial relationship with all the other tribal and non-tribal communities of the North-East India, especially tribal communities of Arunachal Pradesh.