AAPSU opposes proposed for One Time waiver on 80:20 Reservation Policy

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ITANAGAR, MARCH 11: The All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) has expressed its strong opposition to the proposal for one time waiver on 80:20 reservation policy for promotion of sub-inspector to the rank of Inspector and Sub-Inspector (T/RT) to Inspector (T/RT) in Civil Police strictly as per the seniority as the 87 additional sanctioned post of Inspector in Civil Police by the State Government. It is learnt from reliable sources that the department of police has appealed for one time relaxation for promotion of police personnel of APST and non APST on the basis of 50:50 ratio.

As per the existing Recruitment Rules of Inspector (GD/Inspector (T/RT) in Civil Police and reservation policy, the 100% vacancy of Inspector are to be filled up by promotion amongst the SI’s of Civil Police having 5 years of regular service in the grade on seniority basis at the ratio of 80% by APST and 20% by Non-APST.

The AAPSU strongly appeal the State Government to maintain the existing Recruitment Rules at the ratio of 80:20 in all recruitment and promotional aspects not only in Police Department but all other departments. This one time relaxation would set a wrong precedent which shall definitely encourage other departments to follow the same in future. Further, the said proposal is also totally against the existing Recruitment Rules in the State. AAPSU President Hawa Bagang stated that such proposal is against interest of the indigenous people and will not accept illogical approach.

The State Govt. being a welfare Govt. should accord priority to the indigenous populace. The State Government should not undermine the widespread sentiments of the tribal populace in a 100% tribal state like Arunachal Pradesh. Such proposal if accepted would also demoralise as well as tantamount to direct or indirect discrimination of the tribal officers and officials.

We strongly urge the State Government not to accord approval to any such proposals which shall affect the existing 80:20 ratio in recruitment & promotion in all Government departments.

​Nepha Wangsa Dy. Spokesperson informed the apex organisation AAPSU strongly condemned the reported physical assault of one Doi Doji a student of NIT, Agartala at the hostel premises. We demand immediate arrest of all the accused including disciplinary action by the college authorities.

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