AAPSU need to learn to Reconcile with the Past, Respect their elder generation and the Supreme Court

Rajendu Bikash Chakma

Ask the YOUNG-BLOODED AAPSU guy to sit cross-legged and meditate on the nature of his Chitta (heart). Upon do so, as broad as daylight, the AAPSU guy will be able to realize that there is a storm brewing under his chest; the AAPSU guy is in agony because of an innermost turmoil that churns constantly the reason why the YOUNG-BLOODED AAPSU guy is not at peace or always angry is not because there are thousands of Chakma people on the soil of AP visible to one and all at the surface level.

LET ME TRY TO SIMPLY THE CRUX OF THE WHOLE CHAKMA ISSUE IN ARUNACHAL FOR CONVENIENCE SAKE. The ONLY & FUNDAMENTAL reason why the AAPSU guy is not at peace in his own home state is BECAUSE the YOUNG-BLOODED AAPSU guy HAS YET TO accept and reconcile with the DECISIONS taken by HIS elder generation 5-decades ago, when, the YOUNG-BLOODED AAPSU guy was a mere peck of the universe living in HIS mother womb.

If the YOUNG-BLOODED AAPSU guy may be influenced to sit cross-legged and meditate on this condition of his CHITTA, he should be able to see as broad as daylight his inner conflict at a subtle level, and, the external conflict between AAPSU group Vs CHAKMA community at the surface level.

As the YOUNG-BLOODED AAPSU guy meditates at deeper length, he should also be able to discover the formula to bring the 54-years-protracted issue to an amicable, logical conclusion. SHOULD the YOUNG-BLOODED AAPSU guy meditate even more intensely, he should be able to soar like an eagle and come to term with the fine opinions of the Honourable Supreme Court and High Court. Last but not the least, he will have the power to understand , appreciate and reconcile with the modern history of India in general and the past decisions of his own elder generation in particular.

AT THE FINAL MOMENT, by allowing his inner turmoil to settle down first, the 54-years-protracted-Chakma-issue will also follow suit and automatically settle down before his own eyes.

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