AAPSU, Don’t Encourage Educational Discrimination in the Country


The recent demand by All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union to North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) for cancelling the names of chakma students who successfully cracked the entrance exam conducted by the institute and denying them admission is a direct encouragement and promotion to educational discrimination in the country. It is also a straight violation of enunciated human rights.

“If one goes by the logic expressed by AAPSU in demanding to deny admission to chakma students, then in country like India which is known for unity in diversity, educational access will be limited and confined to few sections of society. Even no student from Arunachal Pradesh will ever get admission in Delhi University if Delhi students’ Union starts discriminating,” says Vivek Chakma, the communication secretary of Chakma students’ Union, Delhi.

India is being recognized as one of the global educational destinations for international students who come to study here in large number, is itself a matter of pride for the whole Country. Even the Government of the country is also promoting education and making it accessible to every child and worth to mention is the fact that access to quality education, free and compulsory elementary education initiated by the Government ensured that education is a birth right for every student. So, in such a country where the waves of educational promotion are largely being spread wide and breadth, how one of the prominent students union of Arunachal Pradesh, the state which is known for peace and advancing educationally, could discriminate students to such extent.

If AAPSU is doing it all for political mileage, it is an eye opener for all and this students’ union cannot victimize the students for their political gain and also education should not be compromised with politics of the state.

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