AAPSU demanding to revive JHPC on Chakma issue a stalling tactics?



26/12/2017, Diyun: In a letter to the Arunachal Press Club on 24/12/2017, AAPSU stated that it has apprised the Chief Minister, Pema Khandu to revive the Joint High Power Committee (JHPC) on Chakma issue.

Alarmed by the unscrupulous demand to delete the names of Chakma and Hajongs voters from the electoral rolls challenging the decision of the Election Commission of India by District Students’ Unions’ Coordination Committee of Namsai, Changlang and Papum Pare (DSUs CCNCPP) on 23/12/2017, the AAPSU also requested the Arunachal Press Club to not to entertain any press releases related to Chakma-Hajong.

The demand of AAPSU to revive JHPC on Chakma-Hajong issue, at the moment seems like a stalling tactics in the wake of Supreme Court’s strong stance against the state government to finalize the conferment of Citizenship to the Chakmas migrated in to Arunachal Pradesh from 1964-69 as the state so far has failed to honour the directions and orders of the Supreme Court.

The JHPC was formed in 2011 comprising of the GoI, GoAP, AAPSU & CCRCHAP with an aim to iron out the differences on contentious issues. All the stakeholders were pinning high hopes on this talk as they felt that dialogue among them could possibly bring a resolution to this vexed issue. The dialogue process of JHPC unfortunately has proven to be only a stalling tactics to further delay justice and rights to the Chakmas who have been suffering from last 50 years.

JHPC only helped the AAPSU and the state government to further delay and deny the resolution of the chronic Chakma-Hajong issue. While in the dialogue process, CCRCHAP almost had to suspend its fight through the Supreme Court for 4 years as a condition set by some parties to be in the dialogue.

As the Chakmas have the upper hand in the Supreme Court, CCRCHAP should not agree to revive the JHPC and should have faith in the highest judiciary. Agreeing and entering into a dialogue process at this advantage point may prove to be suicidal for the Chakmas.

“Once Bitten, Twice Shy”


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