A Call for United Chakma Bhikkhu Sangha from Buddha's Enlightenment Land, "Buddhagaya"


Ven Ratna Bhante, the General Secretary of Buddhist Thai-bharat Society,  Bodhgaya invites the attention of the entire Chakma fraternity towards the importance of an united Chakma Bhikkhu Sangha and welcomes all to participate in the meeting going to be held in the premises of Buddhist Thai-bharat Society, Bodhgaya in this regards.


Below is his message for all of us.


The Most Hon’ble Members
Chakma Bhikkhu Sangha.

Most Venerable Bhikkhu Sangha

Greetings with peace, Joy & Happiness from the Land of enlighten, Buddha Gaya. As you all are well aware about the fact of our CHAKMA BHIKKHU SANGHA, who are  dedicated to create opportunity  for welfare and benefit of the  society but  their initiative  is not collective , individual. On the other hand we the Chakma Bhikkhu Sangha are increasing day by day and living in different parts of the World, It is a fact that we are not able to get together in order to share our individual Knowledge, Talent, Experiences, works  etc. In this juncture, we need to be globally interconnected to each other  , mostly for the preserve and promotion of the DHAMMA in the society . We must be get together and work hand in hand to form/ establish of the INTERNATIONAL CHAKMA BHIKKHU SANGHA COUNCIL. For the aforesaid council, we should form a core/ organizing committee. For this reason , we would like to hold a 3 days Historical and enlightening Talk/ Discussion among the most honorable Chakma Bhikkhu Sangha. We have chosen the venue: the land of the Enlightenment, the BUDDHA GAYA.
This. historical  meeting shall be held from 9th to 11th March, 2018.

I would like to fervently request you to attend the Historical   & Enlightening discussion.

The following agendas shall be discussed
1. Discussion of importance  and purpose of the INTERNATIONAL CHAKMA BHIKKHU SANGHA COUNCIL.
2. Collection of the suggestion papers from the experienced Members of the Sangha for the said COUNCIL’s rules and regulation
3 BYLAWS/ MEMORANDUM drafting committee for said COUNCIL.
4 To fixed the date to submit the Bylaws/ Memorandum to the  General Body  for the finalisation.
5. Formation of the Governing Body for the said COUNCIL.

​​ 9th March, 2018:

First Session:
​​​09.00 AM: ​Assemble under the sacred BODHI TREE
​​​09.10 AM:​​ Prayer 9.10 Am to 9.40 AM.
​​​09.50 AM:​​ Proceed for WATPA Monastery.
​​​10.00 AM: ​​Begins the Historical Meeting.
​​​11.30 AM:​​ Lunch
​​​​​​Second Session:
​​​02. 30 PM ​​Start of second session up to 5 PM.
​​10th March, 2018​​
​​​​12.30 PM​​ Prayer and Start of the meeting.
​​​​02.00 PM​​ Tea Break
​​​​02.20 PM ​​Resume of the Meeting upto 5 PM
​​11th March, 2018
​​​​12.30 PM ​​Prayer and Start of the meeting.
​​​​02.00 PM​​ Tea Break
​​​​02.20 PM​​ Resume of the Meeting
​​​​05..00 PM

May all of you be happy .

With Metta

Ratna   Thera

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