80 Percent of Chakmas of Arunachal live without Electricity

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Friends, imagine the life of those people who live without electricity in rural areas, esp. the poor who cannot afford even two meals a day for their children, what to talk of kerosene to light a lamp to even see each other's faces at night, study at night is beyond their imagination.
Can you imagine your life without electricity? I'm sure you can't! It disgusts you, you start to go crazy and panicky even by the unplugging noise of the wire when there is a sudden power cut at your home.

Electricity or power supply in Chakma inhabited areas of Arunachal Pradesh is very dismal, perhaps due to the negligence of the concerned authorities. Having electricity is a great advantage - a boon of technology to man - to be able to study at night, labour back-up in subsistence farming to yield more crops for self-sufficiency, being able to use modern power gadgets like cell phones and internet access, so on.

Almost 80% of Chakmas of Arunachal Pradesh live without power supply completely depending on the natural source of light, the Sun or kerosene which they use for lighting lamps at homes. Most of the rural population remain in the dark, without proper livelihood and lifestyle with faint or no hope for advancement in their life. Yet, lack of power supply remained an issue in the dark so far without proper initiative by the concerned authorities.

In fact, lack of electricity is one of the most important issues which requires attention and immediate measure by the concerned authorities to overcome poverty in rural population and combat inequalities in India, in general.

Below, just have a look at the chart of electricity installation (with extremely low voltage for only few hours a day ) or no electricity in Chakma inhabited areas of AP:


Diyun Circle - Joshnapur Yes
Jaipur Partly
Rajnagar Yes
Avoipur (No.5) Yes
Dumpather - Yes
Udaipur - Partly
Modoidip - No
Hamakkapur - Partly
Block 6 No. - Partly
Bloch 3 No. - Partly
Jyotipur(no.4) Partly
Maitreepur No
Gatumpur No

Miao Circle - Dharmapur (all) - No
Diban - No
Pahan - No
M-Pen - upto 6mile
Horripore - No

Bordumsa Circle Bijoypur (all)- No

Kharsang Circle - Ratnapur - Yes
Gulokpur - Yes
Milanpur - Yes

Chowkham Circle (Lohit) - Chakma Basti Partly

Kokila Circle (Subansari) Partly

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Human desire can never be satisfied, it seems,,,, when you chakma Hajong ppl’s existence were at stake, we temporarily shared our land for shelter and allowed you to till the nearby lands for survival,,,, wasn’t that enough? No this, no that,,, the complain never ends. We should provide all chakmas in Arunachal with Mercedes/Jeep Cherokee to drive around and huge palatial palaces to live in, whatever be the conditions of rest of the indigenous Arunachalees,,,, nice nah?! Listen you chakma ppl, there are so many Arunachal villages in remote areas which are still without electricity. Even the capital and district… Read more »