APCSU Observes martyrs day of Chakma leader MN Larma in New Delhi


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New Delhi Nov 10: Today on 10th November, 2014, APCSU celebrated the death anniversary of the beloved Chakma leader, Manabendra Narayan Larma as the Martyr Day in New Delhi. Mr. MN Larma was a great personality who has fathered the awakening of the indigenous people in the CHT. It was the times when the meaning of indigenous people was at the threshold to disappear, Mr. Larma cropped up to fight for the rights of the indigenous people and other ethnic groups of the region.

He was the first persona among the Jumma peoples to stand against the will of the Bangladesh Govt going for making Bengali a must medium for survival in the country.

MN Larma, the only non-Bengali parliamentarian at that time, challenged the constitution, saying, “You cannot impose your national identity on others. I am a Chakma not a Bengali. I am a citizen of Bangladesh, Bangladeshi. You are also Bangladeshi but your ethnic identity is Bengali… They [Hill people] can never become Bengali. We too have ethnic identity.” Larma’s protests fell on deaf ears, as Sheikh Mujibur Rahman himself called on indigenous communities to assimilate to the mainstream culture and to become “Bengali”.

Some hundreds of Chakmas from Noida, different corners of Delhi came and celebrated the above event with keen interest. Welcoming speech was given by Mr. Binoy Shanti Chakma, Joint Secretary followed by garlanding the photograph of the Martyr. Then next, came the condolence message from Punya Chakma, Chief Advisor followed by a two minutes' Silence Prayer'.

Venerable Korunalankar who was the chief guest of honour has enlightened us about the life of the great Chakma soul MN Larma including how he (Larma) was assassinated by his own men who were power hungry and full of selfishness. This great tragedy has taken place on this fateful day in 1983 at the pre-dawn time.

Korunalankar Bhante has also written a number of heart touching poems of MN Larma depicting Larma’s great works, picturing the  his (Bhante’s) agony due to the absence of the great soul on this earth.

Also other Bhikkhus (monks) who were present during this great occasion had praised the works, ideals of this great human being. Almost all of them agreed that he was the man who has seeded and shown the way to development, who has shown the way to raised your own voice for your own rights.

Side by side our youngsters, the APCSUians like Natunnye let us heard his beautiful take on chakma poem-song; Gyanomoni, Org. Secy. narrated a brief but strong narration on the great works of Larmaji. Chief Advisor, Punya Chakma has gone an extra mile expressing the feelings in song and poetry to the Bhikkhus who came from CHT and mesmerized the lovely crowd gathered there too.

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