Good to See Diyun Come Alive with Hope and Optimism


You can feel it – Diyun begins to beat with a vital pulse which is significant of the fact that this abode of mostly the Chakma community has definitely come alive. This is nothing but hope and optimism and it shows in what the people begin to believe in. There is so much happening around and this place is abuzz with a mysterious energy which tastes like some harbinger of great things and well-earned accomplishments – you know what all these signs mean and what promise they do hold when they translate into action, enterprise and anticipation. If recent events and developments – that have seen the people of Diyun toiling hard eventually to realize quite a few meaningful goals all the while expressing themselves in a democratic way with a view to catch the eye of the concerned authorities as well as that of the world’s at large and also to highlight many a valid issue affecting their lives – are anything to go by, there is every reason to feel hopeful and optimistic.

There seems to be an element of community synchronicity and harmony which is very much prevalent as well as indicative of a determined intent that is sweeping Diyun. It perhaps won’t be an overstatement if it is said that Diyun has just begun to witness a brand new phase, slowly unfolding before the eyes of the people so that they know what great promise it holds towards realizing their true aspirations. This wave of positive energy must augur well for Diyun and its people – although miles to go before they sleep. It must however be said that this kind of an action-oriented approach which the people have adopted and also demonstrated over the last few months is something Diyun has not experienced in a very long time.

The most encouraging and significant mention must be of the awakening of the minds of the people, especially in terms of political awareness which in turn egg them on to make efforts towards making themselves heard in demanding as well as in claiming their rights by means of effective and the very many democratic instruments provisioned in the Constitution of India. Of course, many a brave heart of the community who dared to spearhead this mass movement deserve a big chunk of the credit for the state of many things changing for the better and taking a positive turn and also facilitating thus. However, this probably is just the first baby step. Yet, a baby step is the fundamental unit many of which will ultimately serve in accomplishing a journey. In a similar vein, a lot depends on the same brave hearts of the community whose constructive endeavors must not run out of steam too soon and whose defining characteristic perhaps should be one of integrity, patience and endurance all the while purposefully leading the people towards their goal. Not to mention, the onus is also on the people who must understand the importance of being righteously led while rising above debilitating delusions, which serve as breeding grounds of disunity and disintegration within the community, to join hands for the greater cause. And then, it is definitely a walk in the park when it comes to figuring out how this is the way to go with regard to every member of the community emerging triumphant at the end. Most importantly, every constructive step that the many aforesaid brave hearts, in tandem with the community at large, take will only set a precedent for the future generations – just like the current generation is grateful to its ancestors for the many decisions the latter had taken in their times, with the very best intentions, likewise the next generations would forever be inspired by the initiative and enterprise of the current generation.

As well, it is hard to miss out on talking about a surging Cultural Revolution that Diyun has been witnessing lately – primarily all the talk of as well as the ongoing work with regard to revival and preservation of culture and traditions of the Chakma people of Arunachal Pradesh, especially the Grand Bizu Mela 2014 which is in the offing come April. It is a Cultural Revolution not merely in words – the effort that has gone into the preparations as well as at attempting to build a foundation towards realizing the objective of a true Cultural Revolution in addition to the efforts which are currently on, the initiative and enterprise of the pioneers cum organizers and the enthusiastic participation of the people in general characterized by a resolute intent are testimony to this very fact of the matter. These developments are particularly significant because constructive growth of culture and traditions have the power to bring together the whole community in unity and oneness – the obvious prerequisite towards realizing the greater goal of freedom and dignity. Besides, expressions of the whole community by means of broadminded culture and traditions vitally stand for its true identity in the eyes of the rest of the world.

The emergence of the Arunachal Chakma News (ACN) must be another worthwhile mention with regard to this subject of discussion. ACN is characteristically history in the making. ACN is the storehouse of great potential which holds the promise of bridging gaps, building bridges, and also opening a window through which the whole community would be empowered to interact as well as exchange ideas with the broader world. The icing on the cake would perhaps be the willingness of a lot of people from all quarters to participate in the process of creating history by means of writing in to ACN for the purpose of expressing their point of view as well as placing it before the whole community with regard to various issues that critically affect the people in general. Again, the onus is on the ACN team and also the people in general to appropriately nurture it towards achieving greater heights all the while contributing in realizing its true potential.

Overall, the times are encouraging. Hence, it must make it easier for everyone to feel positive and take heart to keep the fight going.

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