Seven Chakma Boys from Arunachal selected in Indian Army, breaks 4 decades long impasse


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Diyun, AUG 17: It is widely known that Chakmas in Arunachal are deprived of government jobs in state and lack of documents kill their chances in central government as well. However, Indian Army is a super exception in the matters of recruitment.

Indian Army don’t play by the rules of reservation while recruiting their cadets and look only for excellence. As a matter of fact, the matter of safety and security of the Nation is of paramount priority than reservation. That’s where the Chakma guys have successfully broken the impasse.

In the open rally held in Tenga Valley in April ‘2017, more than a dozen of Chakma guys were par excellence. After the various recruitment procedures such Medical Fitness, Written Examination etc., seven of them are finally selected from Arunachal and set to serve the Indian Army incoming months.

Last year, which can be conveniently called as first attempt by the Chakma guys, two were selected from Diyun circle itself who are already serving inthe Indian Army.

Speaking to ACN, one of the selected candidates excitingly said “We are grateful to our local politicians for making it happen for us as this has never happened”.

It is pertinent to mention here that prior to 1980's, Chakmas were recruited in state government services but since then all the Chakmas from state government services were terminated and no more chakmas were recruited by the state.

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