More than 80 families render homeless and landless by the Noa Dihing's Flood at Diyun


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Diyun, April 25: Sixty Four families in Dumpani and Sixteen families in Jyotipur village have lost their lands and home and more than a hundred are affected by the flood caused by the Noa Dihing River at Diyun Circle. The Local MLA Nikh Kamin took stock of the whole situation today along with the ADC, EAC, Indian Army and Police. He visited all the points of areas vulnerable to flood and those areas badly affected at Jyotipur and Dumpani village.

When he visited the temporary relief camp, a couple of victims broke down while explaining their plight of misery to the MLA, Nikh Kamin. “My house was a concrete structure built with cement and bricks and I am completely insecure where I would shift from this relief camp” a victim in Dumpani village said while crying. Many were clueless as to what store for them as they cannot make the relief Camp as their home and nor they can go back to their land which now stand across the river, eroded.

The MLA has assured the victims of every possible help and said he would appeal the Government for a permanent solution for the menace of this Noa Dihing which takes away a chunk of fertile land of the State, Arunachal Pradesh every year.

He gave the victims a sum of Rs. 1.2 Lakhs as immediate relief while the administration has distributed few quintals of food items. He have thanked the Indian Army, Dumba Camp for their active role in the rescue operation and for their donation of rations and other items.

The ADC, S Miji and EAC Tagam Mibang have reassured that they understand the gravity of the situation and misery of the people and they advised the people not to go back to stay along the River until the Monsoon is over because the water level can rise anytime and can be dangerous.

They informed that the assessment process of the losses will begin from 26th April and subsequently the government will either compensate or will pay for their losses. ADC, S Miji have also informed that immediate relief is release for 9 families whose houses were damaged in the rain and cyclone yesterday.

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